InvestArk Properties, LLC

We make investing easy for our clients

InvestArk Properties mission is to create significant passive income to our investors and partners by identifying, acquiring and operating Multi-Family assets across the US, with emphasis in Texas and Arizona.  

InvestArk Properties strategy is to improve the communities we invest in by optimizing these properties with dedicating professional property management and operational oversight. 

We offer our investors the opportunity to partner with us in syndicating multifamily properties that produce strong cash flow and equity appreciation, while having their capital protected via rigorous and  conservative underwriting using sensible leverage.  


Cash Flow

Large apartment buildings are very stable and can provide predictable and above average cash flows. In most markets, multifamily has proven its resilience during recessions.  

Tax Efficient

Unlike other investments, the pass-through benefit and accelerated depreciation can off-set other passive income resulting in reduced tax liability to the individual.

Forced Equity

Residents pay off the debt with their lease payments over the life of the loan creating equity to the investors from day one.

Preferential Financing

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and other large lenders provide preferential mortgage and financing terms to support the growing need for housing requirements of Americans.

Investment Process


and target class B and C+ value add assets that provide capital
preservation, forced equity appreciation and cash distributions while providing tax advantaged investing. 


and handle the due diligence, legal and financial aspects of purchase.


and implement a business plan to unlock the intrinsic value of the
property through a combination of capital improvements, rent growth and
minimizing operating expenses.