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Real Estate Syndications: Are They Right for You? Here’s How to Tell

Written By: Randy Langenderfer You’ve been devouring all the information possible and have nearly become enamored with the power of passively investing in real estate syndications. How could you not? The ability to invest in real, physical assets without being a landlord, getting a share of the majority returns, and reaping amazing tax benefits is […]

10 Key Factors to Consider When Determining What Market to Invest In

Written By: Randy Langenderfer Once you decide to invest outside your local area, the possibilities are limitless. This can be exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. A tidal wave of thoughts may come flooding in immediately. Should you consider a bustling city or a metro area? You may reminisce about a vacation you enjoyed […]

Equity Multiples and What They Mean for Passive Investors

Written By: Randy Langenderfer Any time a potential investor is reviewing real estate syndication investment opportunities, they’ll likely come across the term “equity multiple”. Even if they’ve purchased a primary home or a residential rental property before, it’s unlikely they’ve heard of equity multiples. When it comes to passively investing in real estate syndications however, […]

Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask About The Other Investors In A Real Estate Syndication

Written By: Randy Langenderfer A real estate syndication is a group investment, yet it can feel like a lonely process at times. For security and privacy reasons, you may never meet or even know the names of the other investors, even though you’re pooling your money into the same asset alongside each other. It’s likely […]

101 Questions To Ask Before Investing In A Real Estate Syndication

Written By: Randy Langenderfer Once you choose a real estate syndication deal, sign the PPM (private placement memorandum), and send in your funds, you have very little control over the performance of the asset. You’re truly a passive investor at that point and must fully trust the sponsor team to manage the daily operations effectively, […]