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101 Questions To Ask Before Investing In A Real Estate Syndication

Written By: Randy Langenderfer Once you choose a real estate syndication deal, sign the PPM (private placement memorandum), and send in your funds, you have very little control over the performance of the asset. You’re truly a passive investor at that point and must fully trust the sponsor team to manage the daily operations effectively, […]

Real Estate Syndication Structures and What They Mean for You As A Passive Investor

Written By: Randy Langenderfer In preparation to become a real estate investor, the most essential step to take is establishing your investment goals. What do you want investing to do for your life? Are you in pursuit of passive income to match your salary? Are you investing to build a retirement account? These questions, in […]

Investing in Real Estate vs. Relying on a 401k: Two Drastically Different Retirement Outcomes

Written By: Randy Langenderfer It used to be that you went to college, got a good job with a pension, and rode that wave until the day you retired. Things aren’t like that anymore and we’re 100% individually responsible for putting away savings SO THAT we can retire. Not only are employer-paid pensions practically non-existent, […]

Why You Would NOT Invest in a Real Estate Syndication

Written By: Randy Langenderfer If you’ve spent any time on our site at all, you’re familiar with our perspective on real estate syndications. We think they’re awesome, that people should be interested and trying to invest in them, and we can’t wait to continue to share about them so that more people can learn about […]

5 Things Every New Investor Should Do Before Investing in Their First Real Estate Syndication

Written By: Randy Langenderfer When you first begin to consider real estate syndication as an investment option, it can feel lonely, intimidating, or even like you’re going in blindfolded. I personally experienced fears around investing in a property I’d never seen, concern about how I’d get my money back, and doubt around the inability to […]

Why Do The Wealthy Invest in Multifamily Real Estate?

Written By: Randy Langenderfer “Most millionaires I know made more money from owning real estate than any other investment. Real estate consistently increases in value over time and outperforms other investments.” —Peter Hernandez, president of the Western Region at Douglas Elliman, founder and president of Teles Properties. Have you ever wondered why wealthy people hold […]

Things to Consider When Picking Multifamily Markets

Written By: Randy Langenderfer The coronavirus pandemic has devastated economies globally and has had lasting effects on how we conduct business. So what should you do when looking to invest in the multifamily markets during a challenging time? First, the need for housing will always exist, and the supply-demand ratio will continue to be stronger […]

Which is More Important? The Sponsor or the Property sub-market?

Written By: Randy Langenderfer Do you want to invest in real estate? Then it’s important to understand that there are several players involved in bringing your project to fruition. Here’s the thing… A single deal involves several parties such as the General Partner (GP), Limited Partners (LP), lenders, contractors, attorneys, appraisers, and more. However, the […]

High Net Worth Frugality – How to Save Like The Wealthy

Written By: Randy Langenderfer Wealthy people have something in common, aside from having multi-figure net worths. They’re frugal. Frugality is one of the characteristics that has helped them become wealthy in the first place. Frugality is a commitment to saving, spending less, and sticking to a budget. Some of the world’s wealthiest people are incredibly […]